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Nube de Helado Software is a cloud consulting company, ready to serve you as you launch or grow your business.

We are cloud architects who understand DevOps and serverless best practices. We are teachers and mentors who can show you the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and/or Amazon Web Services (AWS) ropes. And we are worker bees who are ready to help you complete your project.

We've trained teams and companies in GCP and AWS technologies, and we've worked with startups, SMBs, and enterprises to optimize their cloud presence and spend, to go serverless, and to create hybrid cloud ecosystems.

Don’t want to spend tens of thousands of dollars or more on a large-scale, big-name consulting team that just leaves you more confused? We are the folks to turn to if you need help getting through the tangle of confusing acronyms, need an architecture critiqued, or want to discuss best practices.

We are Nube de Helado Software. But hey, you can call us NDH.

Werner Vogels, VP/CTO of Amazon: "Everything fails all the time."

NDH Software: "We can help with that!"