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Jon GallagherJon Gallagher, CEO/CTO

Jon is a cloud solutions architect and trainer. He delights in implementing cloud solutions, learning best practices by making mistakes and recovering from them, and then passing on his knowledge to others via certified or custom training.

Jon is an AWS Accredited Instructor (Domestic) and a Google Developer Course Instructor. He holds multiple certifications from AWS and qualifications from Google.

When Jon’s head is not in the clouds, it is in a comic book. Or he may be keeping abreast of the latest developments in popular culture, or he may be exploring the mean streets and dark alleyways of Portland, Oregon.

Marian GallagherMarian Gallagher, Technical Writer/Editor; Business Operations Facilitator

Marian does the back office work for Nube de Helado Software. She is also a technical writer and editor, ready to help with the latest curriculum development tasks, assisting with white papers, and busily removing extraneous commas from All The Things.

Marian recently became an AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate.

When Marian clocks off for the day, she can be found playing with the family pets, studying nutrition science, or pounding the pavement in Portland, Oregon on a quest to see it all.

Logan GallagherLogan Gallagher, Solutions Architect

Logan is a cloud system architect specializing in backend development. He is a certified AWS Solutions Architect-Associate, and possesses working knowledge of Python, PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Git, MySQL, Docker, and Unix. He creates elegant CloudFormation templates, assists clients in setting up their AWS environments, reviews slides and tests labs, and is an apprentice instructor. Logan is also fluent in Portuguese and Spanish.

In his spare time, Logan is checking out all the brew pubs and coffee shops of Portland, Oregon and attending technology meetups. He also enjoys trying to get his Raspberry Pi and LightBlue Bean boards to light up his apartment, preferably via voice command.

Werner Vogels, VP/CTO of Amazon: "Everything fails all the time."

NDH Software: "We can help with that!"